Levels of Kata Practice in Karate

Three levels to be found in each and every Kata, Omote (Obvious or for public consumption), Oyo Bunkai which are often ones own personal interpretations, and Okuden (Secret or Hidden Techniques). In addition to this, there is a reason why many Grandmasters have always said it is a lifetime study. It takes many thousands of repetitions to establish autonomous response or instantaneous reaction. Also ones senses learn to slow down the time in which the movements take place and your final finishing move is dictated by what you have been taught. Therefore like your vocabulary or dictionnary, you can enlarge by always adding new stuff. Due to my many years, can demonstrate many Bunkai or responses to any one move, and will fit same according to level of person I am teaching and their physiology. I also know my own physiology leans me toward certain responses as easier and more automatic for me. However as was said in a previous article, first start with a strong foundation and executing basic moves correctly, with balance, power, and precision, everything flows from there.

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