AMD Ryzen Threadripper2 with up to 32Cores !

AMD Ryzen Threadripper2 with up to 32 Cores, yes that’s correct you did read it right 32 Cores. AMD has quickly ramped up their ZEN Architecture and are now delivering the Threadripper2 (2nd Generation). AMD’s Zeppelin silicon has 8 cores, and the first generation Threadripper uses two of them to get to the top-SKU of 16-cores. Inside the CPU however, there are four pieces of silicon: two active and two inactive. For this second generation of Threadripper, called Threadripper 2 or the Threadripper 2000-series, AMD is going to make these inactive dies into active ones, and substantially increase the core count for the high-end desktop and workstation user. On some other processor designs,they have four active dies, with eight active cores on each die (four for each CCX). On one, there are eight memory channels, and AMD’s X399 platform only has support for four channels. For the first generation this meant that each of the two active die would have two memory channels attached – in the second generation Threadripper this is still the case: the two now ‘active’ parts of the chip do not have direct memory access. Not long ago it was stated by several motherboard vendors that some of the current X399 motherboards on the market might struggle with power delivery to the new parts, and so we are likely to see a motherboard refresh for several Manufacturers. AMD’s Threadripper2 is quite competitive with high-end i7’s and even the new Intel i9’s given the right circumstances. However I would keep in mind that very shortly they may transfer to a new CPU manufacturing process (7nm) that will further increase performance. So buyer beware, do your Homework before making a purchase. AMD is finally starting to give Intel competition. Especially on Price. Threadripper2 from 8 Cores to 32 Cores depending on which CPU flavor !