AMD Ryzen 3000 series & Threadripper

AMD has announced some delays with certain CPU’s most probably related to the heavy bookings with their Manufacturer for 7nm parts. In all probability, because of heavy demand they are having issues ramping up production numbers. Therefore the chips for 12 Cores and 16 Cores are somewhat delayed but should be available soon. In this category theAMD Ryzen 3900X and 3950X are the top of the Desktop models. Threadripper for 3000 series with 24 Cores has been announced for November. The 32 Core Threadripper may arrive much later in December or possibly beginning of 2020. The manufacturer TSMC, has had to triple lead-time for chips from two months to six months. AMD originally followed a path from Zen to Zen+ and now Zen 2 architecture. Already AMD has spoken of preparing Zen3 . Of course the competition with Intel cpu’s continues, however AMD has seriously given Intel a kick in the Butt about pricing and value. To me this is great for the end-users and market.