Intel lowers per Core pricing

Most probably in response to AMD’s Ryzen 3000-series chips, the company announced this week that it would drop the pricing of its graphics-less F-series chips by $25

Intel’s has been slow to respond to AMD’s Ryzen pricing. Instead, the company has slowly added more cores to its processor families with the release of new models in the 9th generation and announcing 10th generation chips. What this amounts to is lower per-core pricing for all the newer chips and discontinuing older chps (Not price competitive). The company has also added more features to some of its chips, like exposing more PCIe lanes for the downstream models.

Intel’s F-Series chips come with disabled internal graphics due to manufacturing defects that would normally render the chips unusable. The F-Series chips arrived with no formal announcement from the company in December 2018 as the company was mired in the throes of its continuing shortage of 14nm production capacity. At the time of release, the chips came with absolutely no discount over their counterparts.

Selling these chips allowed for the company to boost production, though the company never formally announced that the chips would remain a part of its strategy. As part of today’s announcement, the company also said it would add F-Series chips to its long-term roadmaps, meaning enthusiasts will have budget options in the next generations of Intel’s processors.

Integrated graphics do come in handy for QuickSync, troubleshooting, or if your graphics card fails, but under most conditions, the disabled graphics unit doesn’t have an impact as these chips basically offer the same performance but without the graphics.

The price cuts impact both the unlocked “KF” and locked “F” models.

The price cuts are effective today for Intel’s 9th-generation F-Series processors that are already in the market. As before highly recommend reading in places like Tom’s Hardware and Paul Alcorn, also sites such as AnandTech, and Tech Radar etc…. to get more details and specifics.

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