AMD Ryzen3 series 5000 and the New Video Cards

The latest AMD Ryzen CPU`s (Series 5000) are a very strong push against Intel domination., and single core performance. They also have good pairing with the B550 and X570 Motherboards. Every CPU from the low end 5600 to the high end 5950 have increased performance. AMD has also once again challenged pricing with really amazing Bang for the Buck prices (From $299 to $799). The greatest problem will be availability and whether they can be in stock at various retailers etc… Much as certain Video Cards are also often out of stock.

The recent launch of AMD`s 6000 series Video cards will also reflect better pricing for good performance ($579 to $999) but may suffer the same fate in terms of availability. The AMD Radeon 6800, 6800XT, and 6900XT are promising great performance at better prices (Comparison 5700XT at $399) than previously seen. It remains to be seen if they will deliver on that promise and the pricing/availability.

The most positive outcome of all this is pricing/performance is better and better. Bang for the Buck is greater and greater for consumers with the red hot competition between AMD and Intel and NVidia.

Please note it should also mean that older CPUs and GPU`s should be had for lower bargain prices soon if not already so.

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