What is happening or going to, Winter 2021/beginning 2022.

NVIDIA Announces GeForce RTX 2050, MX570, and MX550 For Laptops or at least that is what is being said. There have been so many announcements from Intel, AMD, NVidia, etc… We used to refer to these as Vaporware! Announcing stuff before it is even ready for Prime Time. Obviously, the war continues between Intel and AMD. Intel is still lagging in the advances for size reduction. Most of currently available Intel CPUs are 10nm, while AMD is about to drop to 5nm. GPU shortages continue, so the only option for many with tight budgets is in CPUs with integrated graphics. Laptops are now available with the AMD series 5000 CPU`s and seem to have good performance. My only wish, is that more basic memory be included in base models.

There seem to be many new Motherboards announced for both Intel (B660) and for AMD (Z690). Pricing varies greatly. Do your due diligence or homework before proceeding. I have strong feelings about these new products. More money for slightly better performance. AMD has reached a point where compatibility is problematic for the newer CPUs with the older Motherboards. Intel has also a problem with the pin changes. I am disappointed both in the pricing of these new boards, and also continued shortages of certain chips and GPU`s.

CES 2022 happening soon will be very revealing about how this year will play out. Expect continuing competition between Intel and AMD. The other to look out for is ARM and their advances. With Intel and their 12th generation CPU`s and AMD about to drop soon with Zen4, it should be interesting for performance this coming new year. Can only hope that prices start being more reasonable soon. I can say that in the Laptop segment we have seen amazing pricing and performance. Desktops are another matter entirely. So tune in to CES 2022 or at least follow the announcements if you can. Happy New Year to everyone!