What is going on now!

I have not posted any new content for quite some time. I have been repeatedly sick, time and time again since January. Apart from one brief period, this still goes on. Trying to resolve my health issues, has been a difficult task. That being said, here is what I can say! My predictions as to prices for Video Cards, in general, have been realized. Prices have dropped somewhat, but still in my opinion too high. Shortages in chips and Supply chain issues have not helped. There are several new AMD graphics cards, the RX 6950 XTRX 6750 XT, RX 6650 XT, and RX 6400. Most have not been properly benchmarked yet.

NVidia is still a big culprit where cards are selling above MSRP (It should be sales at under not over), with their cards (RTX 3050 to 3080) selling at anywhere from 25% to 45% over MSRP. Pricing on eBay, in general, has dropped from the sky-high pricing last year.

AMD cards do better in terms of pricing in comparison to MSRP, but the market seems to feel that better performance is to be had from NVidia. Of course, these statements relate to the current models with NVidia 30XX series and AMD 6X50.

With the drop in CryptoMining and many Miners, especially former Chinese ones are clearing old inventory. That means that older generation cards are quite often available at very low prices. I do feel though, that the more modern ones offer better performance and in some cases better bang for your dollars. Some leaked information (Not from AMD), seems to point to a possible release of a Radeon RX 6700 Non-XT 10GB model. If this comes to pass, it would be right in the middle of the performance range for AMD cards. Hopefully with a price to match or even better pricing.

New generation cards or the next performance champions, will need more cooling and more power. Already Mobo companies have added a better connection for power. The NVidia ADA / Lovelace series and the GeForce RTX 40 (some also known as the AD102 to 107), along with AMD`s RDNA3 will be completely over the Moon for performance, speed, memory etc… Some products may arrive as soon as this Fall (September and October). These will all be using TSMC’s 4nm process most probably. I recall that at College many years ago, I wrote a paper for a course about transistor count on chips. The rumor is that these may have as many as 80 Billion, thereby confirming what I wrote then in my paper of phenomenal amounts of transistors on cards in the future. See the following article on Tom’s Hardware for greater details ( https://www.tomshardware.com/features/nvidia-ada-lovelace-and-geforce-rtx-40-series-everything-we-know).

In other news, Intel’s Raptor Lake their 13th generation CPU, has garnered a lot of Press. Some reports show it as faster then an i9 12900K. Then there is the AMD 7000 series of 5nm Zen4 cpu’s for AM5 socket. AMD had to correct expectations of Power specs for the cpu which actually may peak at 230 watts wih a TDP of 170 watts. This is far greater than the previous generation with 105 to 143 as spec. It would appear that the end of this year will be filled with some interesting new hardware.

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