I must once again apologize to my readers and subscribers. It has been a very difficult time. After leaving the 9 to5 Job for good last December, I took some personal time. Following which I had intended to write more. However, fate had a different plan, I lost a Friend and Mentor. It was devastating for me. Little did I know more was to follow. Due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, I also lost three (3)  other Friends and two (2) Family members. It has been a very trying and hard time for me personally.  My hope is that gradually things will get better. You will find two new articles and more to follow. Thank You All for your patience.

Hello World! from Paul Dupre

Well to begin with it is a Site for myself Paul Dupre, Author, Martial Artist, Technology Nerd and Geek, Bon Vivant, Semi-Retired Professional (Cisco VOIP). It will deal with a variety of stuff, but mainly my passion for Technology, Martial Arts, Health and Wellness, and all my varied interests. Blog and Vlog to follow.
Have had multiple careers in several fields. Former Army Brat (Moved a Lot). Martial Arts afficianado and Historian. Voracious reader. Crazy about Cinema.
Worked in Security (Both Physical and Computers), Computers (Servers), Networks, Telephony VOIP.
Former Student of Aristides (Ari) Anastasiadis, and former JKA Member. Plusieurs carrières ou domaine a travers ma vie. Armé Canadienne, Arts Martiaux surtout Karaté, Sécurité, Informatique / Réseautique, VOIX sur IP. Ancien étudiant de Ari Anastasiadis, et ancien membre du JKA etc…